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My name is Mike and I am a holder of Class B License with a callsign of DV1KWH. I am 36 years old and live on north east of Manila with my wife, our two children and two Persian cats. I’m currently connected with a multinational electronics company who caters Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone ad IT Products

Almost four million qualified people worldwide, of all occupations, in almost every country of the world, are enthusiastic followers of a hobby or indeed service that many claims to being unique. These are the "radio amateurs" with their own transmitters in their homes, clubs, boats and often in their cars, or light enough to be taken almost anywhere - and able to communicate with fellow enthusiasts over distances of hundreds of thousands of miles. I am proud to be one of this numbers. I am normally active transmitting on 40 meters and 2 meter locally, however I do make the occasional appearance on the higher bands. I enjoy phone operation on SSB for both rag chewing and DX. On CW ………….I consider my self as a primary grader.

My main interest at the moment is DX in the 15 meter band. I use a 3 element beam antenna for about 60 feet above the ground. At sunrise I look for ZL and VK on the "gray line". My next project would be to install a 100 feet self standing tower with at least 4 element multibander cubical beam antenna.


QSL cards are ready; I have produced plenty for the chasers. Please send IRCs or green stamp with SAE (Self Address Envelope)  if you want the QSL Card direct. If you have sent me a card and have'nt received one back, please contact me by e-mail (habagat2k42000@yahoo.com) with the dates and QSO details so that I can check my logbook and get your card out where applicable. Obviously if the QSO is recent and you used bureau service then this will take some time to reach me.  

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you find this site interesting; I have kept to a simple look and feel which should be easily accessible and pleasant on the eye, So thanks again and see you on air soon.


This is where my equipments are located. It is a 1.5 meters x 3 meters room beside my garage.  My shack is a low budgeted shack which I personally do the paintings and clean up.

I'm a proud member of the oldest Amateur Radio Club in the Philippines.
PARL Inc. - Philippine Amateur Radio League Inc.
POWOW : Every Saturday
QTH   : McDonald's Greenhills
QTR   : 9:00am to 10:00am


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